【Feedback】I need some feedback and suggestion on my project

I am building a street right now, and I want something to fill this awkward empty area, I am thinking to place some tree or plant around here, but I think it would be better with something more special.
(how about some outdoor cafe table and chair?)


I like the idea of tables and chairs. Maybe some potted plants, small trees, and benches?


Sound Nice, I will keep that in mind.


Looks nice, however it does need some smaller details to improve the environment so its not just empty space.


A mini cafe is a good idea, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to cover the entire empty spot with chairs and tables. Maybe you should leave some tiny spots untouched.

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10/10 I love it looks so detail maybe add some NPC? Like just waking around so it does not looks so empty?


So far the build looks amazing! I would fill the empty space with benches, tables and seats like you said. I would also maybe add some statues here and there.

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It looks really nice! I agree with your idea of adding tables and chairs to form a Cafe, but maybe try to incorporate a little stand or shop and fill part of the area with a row of planted trees or bushes. This would give it a nice amount of variety and it would look really appealing in that area.

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Haven’t thought of that earlier, I like it !

How about something like popcorn stand and flower stand?

Great ideas! I would love to see how that turned out.

Your build looks really good but I can understand the need to fill the large plaza area outside the main building - it does look very open. How about a series of traffic bollards, around the edge, to prevent vehicles driving onto the paved area. It’s so large that, I think, even a tree or a flower bed might look insignificant in such a large space. How about something larger, such as temporary market stalls, a children’s play area, a set of water fountains, a formal memorial area or a statue? Personally, I think that water fountains within a pool would be great fun to construct, with particles for the water sprays. The inclusion of motion would add a new dynamic to your build.

Keep up your great work - your construction looks very good.

These images (from a Google search) might give you a few ideas:




It’d feel as if a scenic outdoor cafe would be an awesome touch to that empty space.

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You should try something uncommon, it would help make the scene overall complete.
Here are some ideas for unique designs:



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The idea of table and chairs is the first thing that came to my mind as soon as I looked at it. I absolutely love that idea, but also maybe a few garden beds with some plants or trees. I think that would definitely lighten things up around that area.

Also, is this a roleplay game? If so, I would suggest adding an interior to the cafe(if added) and maybe a glass railing around the exterior area to wall off the tables and chairs.

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like many other people said before, why not a flower stand, or hotdog stand, maybe even a newspaper stand?

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Already have a newsstand across the street. But sure, hot dog stand sound nice too.

Well, kinda? This was supposed to be a train simulation game, and I got carried away and end up in this funny situation. I guess you can say that it is a Roleplay game now since you can do other things else instead of just driving the train.

Perhaps fill the space with outdoor seating, more trees, bushes, plants, etc. A way to make the space a little more filled would to be adding small stands or things such as ice cream vans. The way you could also make it feel a bit smaller, which is an illusion, you can turn on shadowmap and the shadows will give off the effect that there’s more detail.

Your build looks great I suggest using the grass feature that was added to terrain it would look a lot better with that