* s6rahs | GFX Artist | [CLOSED] *

About Me
s6rahs/Sarah, a GFX-artist. Commissions are currently closed; I will be quitting in August. Hopefully stopping by once 'n a while. :slight_smile:


I’m always open for constructive critique. :]


I’m flexible with time, most of the time I’m available 1PM PST - 1AM PST.


150 - 250 Robux, depending on details within the GFX.

Contact Me!

DMs are currently closed.

Thanks for reading, toodles! :wave:

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This isnt the right category, this category is for getting feedback. This should go in #collaboration:portfolios

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This is not the correct category. This category is for feedback only. Please repost this in #collaboration:portfolios

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Ah, okay! Thank you, I knew there was something wrong.

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Got it, thank you! Let me fix that.

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