💬Feedback for Roleplay Hotel Group Launch?


Embassy Hotels & Resorts Launch

Hey everyone, my group EHR will be launching this saturday and I would like some feedback and tips on what would make a successful launch.


  • Main Resort
  • Training Center
  • Event Center
  • Application/Job Center
  • Rank Management/Donation Center

How can I make sure the group blows up? How can I make sure I get steady revenue? What are some good ways I can advertise my group and grow?

The Launch Event: 🌴Embassy Hotels & Resorts🌊

All feedback/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Apologies if this is the wrong category, but I do need feedback on my creation.

I would not join the Discord Server due to privacy reasons, so I’ll try my best to leave some feedback from what information was provided here.

You would definitely need to advertise the game through social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and more. This can help reach out more people and hype players up for your launch.

You can try running Ads, but it’s pretty much a risky choice, considering that other Developers are able to outbid you, and the chances of players clicking Ads are really low if it looks too generic. If you want to run an Ad, you should focus on the quality over the quantity.

Finally, you can try listing down a few reasons on why the game is unique from other Hotel games, and some features to be expected during the launch, which can leave players looking forward to your launch and playing your game!

I don’t think there’s a “one size fits all” answer. You would really have to look at your game and ask yourself questions as if you are a normal player. “Why should I play this?” “What makes it so different from other job-role play games?”

Again, same goes for my previous answer. You can try to include “Premium-users only” features to get them to stay and earn Premium Payouts, but that’s only 1 idea. This goes back to the question normal players will be asking - Why should I play this game over other job-roleplay games?