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Builders, I’m looking for people who are creative, motivated, and a team player! You do not have to be the best builder on Roblox but I do require that you have proof of skill, and a portfolio of quality work. Pay is flexible, I simply want you to be satisfied with what you’re being paid while not breaking the bank before release. I’m expecting to need around 100 models before mid-April of 2018, though more or less may be required as the game matures. I can pay by the model, group of models, or by the project. All models should be simple with a low part count so the game can run as smooth as possible on all devices.
Previous branding

"Okay cool, but what will I be building?"

I’ve been working on a game called Hexogen ALPHA that requires models with a prehistoric theme, Egyptian theme, and various other civilizations throughout history. I’m taking what I’ve learned from the game’s successes and failures so far and completely rebooting, rebuilding, and rebranding with all devices in mind and developing much better gameplay mechanics. One of the major changes is giving the whole game a consistent building style that’s easy on all devices. That’s where you come in. A few models will need to be rebuilt and many more will need to be created. Trying to stay away from high ploy/part count. I will need a few models that fit nicely into terrain (think of how Egg Hunt 2017 had a nice use of terrain & parts mix). We are going to focus on getting the Prehistoric themed map built to satisfaction and after start on the Egyptian themed map. Once the prehistoric main map is complete I will need 4 - 6 very simple micro maps where users will perform basic tasks for a reward. I will be building some of this stuff myself to ease the load if needed.
Here are a few pictures to help you better understand what’s going on so far.

"Sweet! What about terrain?"

This game utilizes Roblox’s smooth terrain. I’ve created all of the terrain we have so far. In the past, I used the generate terrain engine but it’s recently become more of a hassle than helpful since I’m not able to get what’s needed out of it. I’ve created an image of the ideal layout for terrain; you can find it below. This is how I expect the whole prehistoric map to turn out in the end. The largest task is creating the varying terrain in the wilderness and nice challenge map entrances. If no one takes on the terrain I’ll be able to do it, the main focus is on getting builders. If you have skill in both areas that you can show and love working with a team; you’re perfect for the job.

"So, that’s it?"

If this is a project you can get excited about and fit the criteria I welcome you to message me on Discord. Even if you don’t think you fit the criteria, still reach out for smaller tasks, I’m usually needing something done. I’m wanting to take on no more than 1 or 2 primary people that are extremely motivated to build for this game so we can keep the style and quality consistent. I hope you choose to work with me on this project until release and beyond. Ready? Message me on Discord with links to games and/or models you’ve made. Assuming your style fits with the game’s style, we’ll discuss pay/amount options and get this thing started!
This project is on a strict timeline so do expect this to take a bit of time until release.

Contact Information:
Discord: Ben_Est#8091
DevForum. @Ben_Est


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Bacon hair = wild cave man.
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Hey everyone,

@Ben_Est will be joining us for the Spring Accelerator Program. He is currently looking for a builder to help him out with the game. You will also be working with @2blox2quit the lead producer of the Accelerator&Incubator program.

Developer Relations Team


Now this is totally off topic, but by any means, are you looking for any composers?

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I have an excellent world music composer for great rates but the music is pre-made. I’m totally open to just about all types of resources. Please message!

I’m possibly interested. Really depends on the rate of pay thats all. This is not really my style of building but if you want to keep it simplistic we may be able to work something out.

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