[🔮Traits!] Skibidi Tower Defense

What’s New:

:crystal_ball:Unit Traits :crystal_ball:

get traits for your units to enhance their abilities!

:gem: Gem Currency :gem:

earn gems from playing the game to roll for unit traits!

:world_map: New Lobby :world_map:

We’ve added a new lobby to the game!

:red_circle:Upgraded Titan Drillman​:red_circle:

:snowflake: Cryo Unit :snowflake:

:fire:Flamethrower Unit :fire:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs with trading
  • Fixed an issue that prevented mobile players from placing the Titan Clock Woman
  • Fixed issues with some quests being able to be completed
  • Fixed the ability timer not updating until you re-opened the unit’s menu
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