0 gamepass sales, 2 devproduct sales. Is my implementation that bad?

I made my game public at the beginning of August. It attracted a fair amount of players for its time being compared to my last game (that was not that good to be honest), which made sales of around 4000 Robux. Some premium players too, but it seems that on 50 premium visits where some played even for 30+ mins or 1h+, I received no premium payouts.

(That spike came before I had the numerous premium players)

The thing is, after 750 visits, I didn’t make any sale. Outside from two: one was from a friend of mine and one from a person that wanted to hire me and I suppose wanted to progress faster in the game to see how is my work. (Scripting)

Here is the shop menu (activated after pressing a shop icon on the screen):

The game: 🔬Scientist Tycoon🔭 - Roblox

I am not an UI artist, I try to do my best. Is my shop UI not appealing enough? Are the prices too high compared to the value? Could there be no problem with the prices/appeal, but the fact that there were not a sufficient amount of players by now? (Even though 0 sales for 750 visits seems pretty strange)

I got comments that my prices are pretty low so I am confused.

The UI is one of the best UIs I have ever seen. Your robux prices are very low so I don’t know how it didn’t attract anyone.

I think 0 sales for 750 visits is somewhat normal. Also I’d like to add that maybe your target audience isn’t the type to have 400 Robux for Scientist VIP.

I suggest to continue advertising your game. It has potential to be a money making machine, it just needs more visits.

R$ 299 for 1 billion currency seems extremely cheap!

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I thought the same about that pass. But compared to the prices of the normal VIP and the 2x Cash + 2x Brain points, I couldn’t find a better price for it.

Also, unfortunately I don’t have that many funds to allow me a decent advertising. I’ve had an ad that I put 600 robux in total to be displayed, but it did not perform very well (140 clicks in total).

Yea, I was frustrated and decided to make it very low because of the 0 sales.=)

Don’t give up though, I’m sure you’ll get more visits. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I appreaciate it.

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Don’t give up yet at least you made some progress unlike me who is still struggling to learn scripting

The thought of giving up hasn’t crossed my mind yet. But seing as the game has 0 sales, it makes me think that something is not good enough about it and I want to improve those aspects.
Learning to script is such a fun journey:)

it sure is a fun journey and challenging