.023% and .007% CTR sponsor. Is this suppose to happen?

I did a 1k sponsor for PC and 500 for mobile. At this rate I’m paying 30-40robux per click. I wouldn’t say my logo is the best, but its definitely still pretty good.

After doing some research into this I realized the problem. The new roblox sponsor system is much harder and competitive to get clicks. Instead of showing sponsored games here and there among normal games, now they’re all shown on one page in a grid of 7x8 that means you are 1 out of the 56 other sponsored games on that page. This gives your sponsored game less attention and if they refresh the page that number is even lower. 1/56 =0.0179% That’s the average CPR based on if every time a player views the sponsor page they click one game.

The number of times players could spam refresh after every glance will make this % go even lower as the average CPR. So sure some games can have a high CPR still, but in this type of format its very hard to use sponsorships to get a worthwhile return. The old roblox sponsorship made sponsors stand out from other games which gave them more attention and made sponsorship actually worth it and not just dumping 1k robux for 150 visits.

I guess for now its better to use normal ads unless you’re that confident in your logo. And remember this doesn’t even have to do with how good your game is yet its your logo has to have better than everyone elses to even have a bit of a chance.


Did the same thing, this time with 800 on pc, and got just under 40 clicks. Pretty weird. And I agree, it’s completely unfair. Especially for new developers.

These are normal statistics for sponsorships. There’s a reason nobody uses that feature.

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