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✿ About me!

Hi, My name is Twilight. I am a high school student who is “obsessed” with the color purple. I specialize in logos, thumbnails, clothing, avatar designing, and building. This portfolio is for building.

I’ve been on Roblox since 2016, but I recently started building a few weeks ago.

✿ Showcase!

Like I said I only started building some time ago so I don’t have considerable good work to show.I will be adding more soon

Angelic homestore

✿ Availability!

My timezone is GMT+5. I am available 5 pm - 8 pm working days and weekends both. If I don’t respond please respect that I may have things to attend to at the moment and will reach out to you later. Please keep in mind that I prioritize studies over Roblox so I might not respond.

✿ Payment!

I currently only accept robux as payment.
My prices are quite flexible, depending on what you would like built, but here is my build price guidelines:

Base prices:

✿ Small Build - 500

✿ Medium Build - 1k

✿ More Info!

  • Please do not rush me. I will try my best to finish the build in reasonable time or for an agreed deadline.

  • I will only accept a commission if it’s something I believe I am capable, comfortable and able to build as well as fit it into my schedule.

  • If there are any delays or problems I will be sure to tell you asap!

  • I will update you regularly about the progress of the build!

  • Half payment first to avoid scamming

✿ Contact!

Discord: TwilightEshal#0795
DevForum/ROBLOX: @TwilightEshal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TwilightEshal

Thank you so much for reading all of this, I am so excited to work with you! You can contact me through DMs/PMs