[1-5k R$] Hiring Blender modelers to make a few REALISTIC trees

DISCORD: kaiit#1907
Hi, my name is Kaiit and I need a 3D modeler to make some REALISTIC trees.

Yes, you will need to model and texture.

Amount of trees: three different types.

What Do I need? . I need tall forest trees like these.

, except I’ll need them a bit thicker.

Triangle maximum: I need it to be under about 800 tris, so be careful.

Closing details : Tall trees with branches here and there, textures, with realistic leaves at the top.

Hey, Realistic trees under 800 tris sounds like a tricky challenge but I am up for it, I wanna get into realistic modelling and I have plenty of patience to get it right so here’s my portfolio:

And my discord is Badle#5065 should you wish to contact me

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