1 day creation Horror experience

This is not a game this is an testing area for horror game devforum post.


What I tried to do here was make an experience where all the sounds and effects make the user feel scared and wanting to uncomfortable.

I did not make all the models and sounds in the game and give credit to those who made them.

I’ve done my rounds and this is, well, not the most interesting thing ever.
Oh look scary monster.
Oh look static.
Oh look meaningless blood.

You want the players to be asking questions. However they will only ask questions if they know an answer is out of their reach.
Tease them with information, keep it out of reach, force them to go through the deepest, darkest abysses to get it.

Horror games work best when they manipulate you. You don’t want to go through the flesh hallway but if you don’t go through it you’ll never know what’s going on. You accidentally killed an innocent person, because you saw thing as something else.


Thanks for the info I was thinking of changing the game with the blood part anyway.

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