1 in 5,000 (New Game) - Feedback Please

Game: 1 in 5,000

The point of the game is to wait until you get the badge that is 1 in 5,000 chance to be obtained. This will get boring so I have created a disaster are in the middle which you can press the button to summon something.


Decent idea I guess. It could possibly work if the luck event wasn’t so dang long and boring, and the “disasters” were more deadly, also remove auto regen so the health event will actually be useful.

Also after you get the 1 in 5000 there’s no reason to play the game anymore.

Should I add rarer badges? Or what or idea?

In all honesty it’s a stupid game idea. No one wants to sit around burning their eyes at their computer to get a badge.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s a good idea. It has zero replayability after you get the badge, and just having some disasters to keep you busy isn’t enough. Also, the idea isn’t unique at all, games just like this exist.

There should be music in-game as it does get boring and i’d say there is a lack of events and LUCK event is too long.

so far i see there is 6-7 events (which is little) by playing around 240 seconds much and some events repeated alot of times.

The main goal of the game is to get the badge of 1 in 5000 but once you get it, that’s it.

Like what was said here, I feel like these kinds of games are extremely boring to a player for a badge. If they wanted to get badges, there are tons of “Badge Walk” games where players can gain thousands of badges simply be walking over givers.

Players are never told the tickrate, so they will never have any sort of idea on how long they will be waiting, Is it every frame? Is it every second? Either of these being answered results in a drastic change in the approximate time of gaining this singular badge.

From how I see it, this game is a Premium Payout farm and nothing more. I hate using the language, but these kinds of games are disgusting and are blatantly lazy ways to get a ton of Premium Payouts without putting any effort.

Another issue is that once players get the badge, they have no other reason to play the game again.

What could you do? I would say expand on the disaster idea, give players opportunities to challenge themselves, maybe their chances of getting the badge is higher the longer they survive, and the chance resets if they die. Add more badges and more things to do, as replayability is vital if you want a playerbase.

It isn’t obvious as to what you’re trying to achieve with this, but if it’s monetary gain, there are much better ways to do it.

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