1 major and 1 small issues with radio system

I barely found open source radio system, which prints text in green color in chat and has cool features, but theres big problem with it, it doesnt filter text at all. And also its hard to read that messy script for me, and i cannot find way to change text written in chat after sending message with prefix and space (prefix is =, so message sent to also trigger radio is “= message”)

Heres file with radio system and 2 more scripts to make chat work like i want it to.
RadioChat.rbxm (7.5 KB)

send message with radio: “= message
change frequency: “/changefreq number from 100 to 200

So, I managed to filter the text using this, you basically have to edit the main speak message function to use the text chat service instead, also, please note that filtering doesn’t work in the studio and you will have to use Team Test to test it.

Here is the updated file for REFERENCE USE ONLY I wouldn’t recommend just inserting random roblox files you got from the internet and actually using them, I am just providing this to help convert it to use Roblox filtering.

radiochatupdatedforfilter.rbxm (7.7 KB)

The updated lines are in RadioScript: Lines 160-196

As for the space issue, just delete the first character in the message.

Which line is it? I need to know that to customize it later. Also i didnt take script from internet, but from toolbox, and i browsed scripts to be sure it doesnt include malicious code.

Edit: Forgot to mention that i did all testing in game, after publishing new changes of script, because i already know filtering doesnt work in studio.

No, I was talking about the code I provided, not the free model.

I provided the line bounds for the main function, that I edited.

Uhhh, looks like it removes space only in filtered messages.

But i don’t really care about it, cuz you already solved major issue. Its your choice to fix it or not.

Ah, well this is a pretty simple fix, you can just remove the first character of your message, also it never removes the space in the filtering, it just gets turned into a hashtag.

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