'1 Members' typo in groups

Literally unusable!!1 <:


More a programming mistake than a typo

It’s both. Missing an ‘if’ lead to a typo lols

It’s either: They forgot to add a case of 1 player, or they did, but also made it have “Members”
Let’s hope for the first one, as the second would be a very big derp.

It’s neither!!1 It could be intentional because they assume/want us to have more than 1 person in a Group to be called a “Group”!

But when you create a group, you WILL be the only one in it to start with.

Yep but then people’s thought process might be: “to fix the typo I must be social in the community and invite someone” it’s subliminal

hashtag realtalk, nominated this thread for thread of the week <:

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Good luck with that

Uhh uhh I meant calendar week, to give this thread a fighting chance >: It’s just a babby.

Not sure if I need to turn my head left or right…

It’s funny how often that little bit of logic is overlooked. You’ll see that all over the internet and in software. It’s also interesting because it forces an added condition into the code that is only applicable under a single condition, of which might not happen often. However, it’s still important for UX reasons. I’ve found that a lot of times, people will switch the order and make it say like: “Members: x” thus avoiding the need for the logic.

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And also “X Member(s)” with the parenthesis. “Members: X” is soooo much cleaner. I wince whenever I see “Member(s)”, and “(s)he” is even worse lol.

Can I take the time to say that I love the choice of game icons for the places, 10/10 would rate 8/8