1 week FPS Framework

Hey everyone,

Here’s a video of my FPS framework that I started a week ago.

However, I still haven’t made it more modular for other guns and models, which is why I only have one model in the video below. Anyways, have fun watching the video and please leave feedback on what I can do better for the framework. Thanks!

How I made it
  • used EgoMoose’s tutorial on FPS framework as a reference of how to get the basics in
  • learned what springs are and spammed them in the framework
  • animated the viewmodel for reloading
  • slapped it all together

I feel like the sensitivity is too fast, i dont know if its just your mouse/settings, but having it that fast would make it hard to aim and hit anything

lol that is just my sensitivity.

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I like it! The animations don’t look the best for say. But that’s alright! It seems like a pretty cool project you got there. Good job and keep working in it, I’d love to see the final result.

Looks great nice recoil animation!