10 Free Assets/Models

so I made a few assets recently (all in roblox studio) and because I don’t know what to do with them I am gonna give them to you :smiley:
(I also made a destroyed and a normal form of every asset)

Here are the previews:










house (outside):

house (inside):

the models:

and btw to suport me you CAN! subscribe to my yt channel:


not to bad but this is just advertising your youtube which I am pretty sure is against TOS. But anyways good job.


it is not “just advertising my youtube”
I didnt make them to advertise my yt I made them for fun and you can just sub to my yt to suport me.

Thats advertising but as I dont want to argue ill leave you there. I wont sub to your youtube as I don’t want to…


sure you don’t need to never said you must or anything… its up to you

I am curious, did you use the feature “highlight” for the assets? :eyes:

yep I used the “highlight” feature for the assets because I think it looks pretty cool

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Quite can agree that looks awesome to apply as outlines for the models! Not to mention that their designs are uniquely fascinating alongside the materials/textures!

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These are pretty good, except for the wheat, It seems like its just a yellow stick

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These look great! I love how you added multiple variations of every object, they look perfect for an rpc game!

I also see you used a form of @iGottic’s Outline Module! great work!


or maybe @Ethanthegrand14’s Part Outliner plugin (v0.2)!

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The free models/assets look great.

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It’s still advertising nonetheless. The YT has nothing to do with the models or this post.

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Putting a YouTube link for support purposes is not against TOS. Support links are a-o-k.

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Users put their PayPal and Twitter links on various channels as a means to Support Them. This is no different, he is not straight up putting his YouTube link and saying you have to subscribe in order to use these assets.

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thanks for the positiv feedback everyone and yea I can agree that the wheat just looks like yellow sticks lol

I wanna add on to @Coolsbloxian, maybe make the wheat look skinnier then try to replicate oats on the top of the wheat?

Otherwise I really love the campfire, it’s my favorite asset out of all of them, especially the little axe, and the fire’s simplicity. I’d love to see this in a game that revolves around camping.

I disagree with this, this isn’t JUST advertising the youtube, it’s mainly a way that the OP finds supportive for assets that they are giving to random devs for FREE. If anything, pressing a red button to support someone is not even a burden. I’ll give the OP a sub even if I’m not using their items just cause I think these look really cool.

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Thanks for the feedback and agreeing with me that it not just advertising.
and if I have time I could redesign the wheat

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