Part Outliner plugin (v0.2)

The Part Outliner plugin

The Part Outliner is a simple plugin that allows you to select any Part(s) and outline them with a click of button!

Here’s a preivew:

Why this plugin?

This plugin can be very handy for situations where you need a lot of outlines or SelectionBoxes for building.

This is also very user friendly, and speeds up building with SelectionBoxes!

Outlining parts

This plugin allows you to outline as much parts as you wan’t!

To do so, select your desired part(s), and then press the image button to outline the part(s)!


This plugin allows you to customize your outline! Such as colour, Transparency, Size, ect.

To do so, just click the image button to open up the setting tab!

There’s also a surprising accurate 1 stud preview on the UI


How does it work?

This plugin makes use of the SelectionBox instance for the outline effect. And the settings is just a simple UI that allows you to change the properties of said selection box.

Are there any downfalls to this plugin?

Yes. These issues are a thing due to the limits of selectionboxes. Some being;

  • The outline effect doesn’t really support much parts other than blocks.

  • This may not give you the same effect as you’d see on UGC items, such as the ‘cartoony’ hats.

  • This is pretty new and may have bugs. If you do find one, then please reply to this topic about the issue.

The plugin:


Part Outliner.rbxmx (Version 0.2, 61.0 KB)

Feedback will also be greatly appreciated as always!


Wow it look really cool! I will try.


I dunno if im doing something wrong but whenever I try to use it the gui just doesnt show up?