1.0 style Layered Clothing assets broken on PC but working properly on mobile both in avatar editor and in-game

Reproduction Steps

I use both Opera GX and Google Chrome. When I wear 1.0 style layered clothing items on PC, they are broken and distracting both in the avatar editor and in-game. Meanwhile, on Mobile, these items work as expected with the outer and inner cages.

Expected Behavior

Going to the Avatar Editor, I would select to wear this item with or without any other upper body items worn. All layered clothing items would interact identically on PC and Mobile.

Actual Behavior

Most 1.0 Layered Clothing items on the catalog do not interact with the cages similarly on PC and Mobile. On Mobile’s avatar editor & in-game, it functions properly; however, on PC, the asset is broken and distracting in both the avatar editor and in-game. Example is included below.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Roblox
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2023-01-02 13:01:00 (-05:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2023-01-03 00:01:00 (-05:00)



I tested 1.0 issues on other categories of layered clothing. This is only an issue I’m finding with jackets most commonly. I’ve been able to properly wear 1.0 style items on PC in the shirts category and pants category.


Hi thanks for sharing the issue, do you mind to provide the link of the
jacket you were wearing when having this issue? thanks!

Can you estimate when this started happening?

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It started happening ever since I bought the hoodie roughly one month ago. I typically play Roblox on PC, and when I saw how messed up it was, I assumed it was the developer’s mistake with the outer cage. Two nights ago, I opened up the mobile app and put on the hoodie to see if it was fixed. I thought it was and put it on. When I opened the desktop website again the next day, it was broken again.

Did you have other “1.0” style jackets that were working previously?

I have not found any 1.0 style jackets that work properly.

These two also have the same issue on Mobile vs. PC, along with the variants made of the Cyber Jacket by the same developer.

This is only happening in the Jackets category from what I can tell.

This, categorized as a shirt, works fine on PC and Mobile equally.

These 1.0 assets were unfortunately built incorrectly. The blocky mannequin that the creator used has no space between the arms and the torso, or between the legs. Some space between all surfaces is a requirement of the layered clothing system, otherwise, the surfaces can’t be properly separated. This may not be a problem if you put them on an avatar with exactly the same cage as the mannequin, but even that is not guaranteed, and they will not work properly with any other avatar.

They look better on mobile because of floating point arithmetic differences, but they are still broken.