[$100-200 USD OR MORE : HIRING] Modern Restaurant Builder

About The Job and Us

Hi there! I am creating a new plant-based restaurant on Roblox and looking for an experienced builder who can build a high-qualified restaurant building with a paradise-style map. The group link is not out yet; it is still working in progress.

You will be working closely with the programmer, which is me.

Example & Template of our game's build style

The game is expected to be done by mid-November. You should have plenty of time. Additional items to the game such as meshes and 3D parts would be nice! I may consider paying you more.


  • You must be 15 years old or older to apply and have access to Discord.

  • Experience in building at least two years.

  • Acknowledge a 3D computer graphics software like Blender

  • Maintain professionalism and maturity

  • All parts and models are to be original.


  • Obtain a ‘Developer’ rank in the group.

  • Free gamepasses.

  • Receive an ‘admin’ role in the game.

  • Be spotlight in the group (your statute will be seen in the game).


The payment method is Paypal. I will not pay via ROBUX or limited. I will be paying the range of $100-200 USD or more.

Contact Us

You can contact me either here or Discord. miles/leruge#2644
Questions? Reply to this thread, I am happy to answer all.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hi, very interested sent friend request at BritDev#5446

Apologies; I am not interested in you since you have less than two years of building experience. Please read the requirements.

Sent a friend request, Arc#2777.
Here is my portfolio : Arc_ade's Building/Modeling Portfolio (Open)

This is my ALT.
My main:

Hello. Friended you on discord.


I am pretty interested in this.

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@Leruge what kind fo style are you aiming for? Realism? Low-poly? I have sent a friend request on discord, I’m kirb.is.awesome#6974. I would need to ask some more questions, ones that are a bit more specific.
Stay safe,
John | j_veu

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I’ve sent a friend request, (Crepz.#8676) I have a pre-made restaurant that I made some time ago which could fit the theme you’re looking for.

No worries if you’re looking to make something from scratch!

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I’m fine with either both realism and low-poly style as long as you bring a great quality. :slight_smile:

Added you. For the pre-made restaurant, I am not interested. I am looking for a building that makes from scratch since this position is $100+ USD.

Your examples are decent! To keep in contact, I need your discord.

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Hello, I am interested in the position of contractor to do a building and a restaurant and many other things, so I am a scriptwriter and 3D MODELER and animator, in case you are interested, I would like to work with you. Incredible 3D graphics and I am very serious about my work and all my models are created by me contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379


If you are still looking for a builder for your restaurant, I am interested! I believe I can accurately recreate what you are looking for. If you are interested in what I can do, I have provided my portfolio below, and you can contact me on Discord at Kara#0003

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Are you possibly seeking any Graphics or UIs?
If so, I have sent a friend request.

Updated discord tag?

Interested in working with you.

Pretty interested.
discord is K4 #0007

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Hello I am interested in being a developer for you, here’s my portfolio: Mightism | Builder for Hire [Roblox Studio, Blender, Low Poly Builder]

Discord: Bernard#6230

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Contact me at miles/leruge#2644