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Hartford Prison Opportunity

Building Opportunity


About Us

Hartford Prison is an up-and-coming prison group that is currently being developed by CreepySins. The group started around a month ago as a Side Project, and is still treated as such, however I have decided that I want to take it to the next step and actually seek out developers that can assist in the creation of this prison-based roleplay game similar to that of “Prison Life” in (inside prison) functionality.

I expect to release this project before the end of the year if that is possible and hope it can succeed like expected.

If you would like to know more about myself, message me on devforum and I can answer your questions.

Project Information

So, you’re interested in taking this job, well it really won’t be that easy, unless you’re quite experienced, so here’s what we’re looking for:

Developer that can create and design a prison, the entire prison, which includes the following sections:

  • General prison cell area where prisoners can engage in conversation, and gather around a line that prevents them from getting close to the door which would allow them to take control of the prison.
  • Medal ward, general area where prisoners can get medical aide, would need general hospital like beds, eye charts, and those minor details that make the game look more well rounded in it’s creation.
  • Prison Control room, this would be a “watchtower” like area that would maybe look over the general prison cell area through glass, it would have computers, and places where the prison could be controlled from, maybe some buttons, switches, or even a desk they could sit in and have that scripted to control the game.
  • Courtyard, this is one of the harder areas, we want the terrain tool to be used for this part of the prison, it needs to be a gated outside with a nice scene area outside of the gate/wall, have watchtowers for the officers, and have some features a prison yard would have: basketball court, weights area, grass area? ideas are endless in this area.
  • Solitary section, this would be where the “bad inmates” would be placed after breaking a rule or something ingame, it needs to look like a solitary confinement area in a real prison. This section would have it’s own courtyard as well, however it would have limited things to do.
  • Officer Area(s), there would need to be an armory for officers, would have gun racks, lockers, etc, would need to be semi-large so it can fit into the prison a little more, they would need their own cafeteria, however would not need a yard.
  • Prison Cafeteria, food racks, kitchen, tables, vending machines, the whole 9-yards.

*Note not all areas of the prison were mentioned and there could very well be more areas that were looked over in this post, areas could pop up during your build of the game, and they would need to be accommodated for.

Payment Information

We are looking to pay the developer of this project 100-200k depending on how quickly they can deliver, how easy they are to communicate with, and other factors.

*Note, payment is issued AFTER project completion. It is your property until completed.

Thanks for reading, if you are interested please contact me on DevForum, or twitter which is twitter.com/creepysins. :smile:


I’m interested in this, and I’ve sent you a DM on Twitter to discuss further privately.

Please you state what kind style of building that you hire for. Examples are Low-poly, detailed, etc.

I’m interested in working on this project

Sounds like a great project, I’m interested!

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Hey, and i’ve sent you a DM with my portofolio! :slight_smile:

This is a job for @TrustMeImRussian

As I’ve been told he no longer accepts commissions from the public anymore. Which is quite unfortunate.

I’ve sent a DM via Forum, sounds great!:smile:

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