[1000 USD+] [OPEN] Polarstar Studios looking for a Programmer for an Advanced Plane System

What is Polarstar?

Polarstar Studios is the leading technology company in manufacturing quality and top of the line products enhancing experiences for all games. We are well known for our most popular Blizzard Helicopter System and our newest product Striker Tank System. Proudly serving 4k+ customers and looking to expand our inventory of products. Please view our below videos for a taste of our products. The Striker Tank System trailer is private as of now but will be given exclusively to you as it is not released to the public as of now. Though it could be public later on so please check either way.

BLIZZARD: Blizzard Trailer 2020 - YouTube

STRIKER: Striker Trailer 2021 - YouTube

What is the job?

We are looking to hire a Full time - Part time programmer to work on our Plane System. Everything will be made by scratch, Though some parts of the system may need scripts from our other systems, i.e. Weapon System as we look for compatibility. All necessary and required Assets, References and Information may be given upon employment. If assistance should be needed, We may provide you assistance from our Primary Developers. Brief information on the system may be located below.

[Physics, Flaps, Air Brakes/Spoilers] - 600 USD
Cannon - 50 USD
Bomb - 50 USD
Rocket - 50 USD
Lock-on Missile - 80 USD
Gear - 40 USD (animated too)
Lights - 20 USD
Suspension - 30 USD
Fuel - 30 USD
Health - 50 USD
Total: USD

What are the requirements?

3+ Years of experience, Although can be lowered

Communication - We will regularly checkup on the progress of the system, We will require you to also have discord as this will be our main and only communication method.

Time Management - We do want this system to make steady process, Though we are very understanding with in person schools opening up this year and will do our best to work around it.

Above the required age of 16, 18+ Recommended

What is the payment process?

We will pay through IRL Currency or robux dependent on you. We will pay when the system is finished. We are also showing open hands for negotiations regarding Payment, Upfront Payment and % Off the system you created. Methods include but not limited to Group Funds, % of sales from the system and Bank Transfer

Contact Information

Contact us via Discord or Devforum

We will provide more information upon payment and the system itself. Payment can always be negotiated, Due to the complicity of the task we are willing to go 1500 USD


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