[10,000 ROBUX] Hiring Mesh Modeler

The Job;

Hello, I am Daniel and I’m currently looking for some one who can make me tools and police vests and accessories.

All tools must be made to look like the photos, as for the police vests and accessories some examples are: Leg holster, rifel sling and of course the vests.

Examples of cars we need; (not limited to)


Examples of tools that will need to be done include: (not limited to)

Glock-19 (And Tactical Variant)
M16 (And Tactical Variant)
Patrol Rifle (AR-15)
Sniper Rifle (Arctic Warfare)
Shotgun (Remington 870)
Fire hose
Fire axe
Medical bag


10,000 Robux, This can either be paid after you’ve completed the task as we have described or done via progress intervals. ≈ 25% progress completed → 25% of the payment.

This payment can be negotiated.

Time frame;

This task should be completed in a 2-3 weeks but if this is not the case I am willing to negotiate on a longer timeframe.

Contact Me;

Please contact me, I can reach anyone here on the Devforums but I much more prefer communication over Discord; Dániel#2724


Please keep in mind the payment can be raised if needed.

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You want to pay someone 35 bucks for 12 assets? Good luck.


Please check your reply, 10,000 robux is equal to 100 euro not 35 dollars.


It is in exchange rate. But yes I would take it as 100.

I sent you a friend request on discord.

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