[10,000 ROBUX] Norwegian Resort is urgently hiring a Low-Poly Interior Builder for V2!

Hey all! Norwegian Resort is a social group with nearly 10,000 members on the ROBLOX platform! We’re nearing the release of our 2nd version of our game and are in the process of making a major comeback, however we’re still lacking the interior of our build! Could you be the one for us?

The Team
Interior Builder: @CouldBeYou

About The Job

  • The interior builder (Which is the position you’re applying for) will be responsible for making assets ranging from lockers to gym stuff to a cafe and a singular variant of 2 differing rooms (regular suite and premium suites) and a pool

  • Majority of the build will be easy to make as a large portion of it will be copy and pastable after the initial asset creation

  • The job shouldn’t take more than a month and some days at most from casually working on the build for a few hours a week.

  • Majority of the layouts you will be building in are small enough to knock out in a day or 2

  • You will be working in a team create with me (And it’ll only be me so I can supervise and provide realtime feedback and weekly progress checks to give a more in depth feedback or suggestions to you) in a game with semi-stripped down versions of each building that’s in the actual game.

  • You WILL have creative freedom, all you have to do is keep the original idea of the room/building and everything else will be up to you after being given a rough draft and references of what each room should/will be, it’s up to you to give it life. I am not controlling I just want progress and want to push you to being dedicated when it seems you’re slacking.

I am a laid back employer and super casual and chill to talk to, I’m passionate about this project and am very excited when I see progress being made, formality is not necessary as long as you’re capable of communicating.

The style of the game itself is Low Poly, if you can complement the style (you’ll be given video examples of what everything currently looks like the actual game i mean) well and are capable of building the interior in that style as well and you have a decent work ethic this might be the simplest job for you for some easy ROBUX!

There is a rough deadline of about a month, however leeway will be given depending on progress made by deadline time


Payment is 10K ROBUX via group funds, which will be made after you are completed with the task payment will be on the same day/night.


Discord! I’m the easiest to contact on Discord, and I respond the fastest on there too!


Please have a portfolio or images of previous work ready whether that be a commissioned piece or a showcase of your build or random solo builds that you’ve done!

Thank you for reading!

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