[1,000USD+ or R$300,000K+] Looking for R6 game animator for combat/movement animations

About Me

Hello, I am the lead developer of the game Combat Warriors and I am in need of an animator for the game

About The Job

I am looking for an R6 game animator for combat/movement animations. Animations will range from melee attacks to things like sprint cycles/jump animations.

I am looking for animations similar in style to a game called Criminality by RVVZ
(the GIF is some animations from the game)

As for how many animations I will be needing, it will be a lot. I don’t currently have a specific list of all the animations I need, instead, I will just be giving you animations to make as I need them. I estimate I may need 75-100 total animations (a good number of these anims will be pretty basic). If you can’t do all of those animations though, it is fine. You can just complete a portion of the animations I need and quit whenever.


I am willing to pay 5USD-15USD via Paypal
the DevEx equivalent in Robux via group funds
PER animation. The price per animation is dependent on the complexity but it will be within that range

In total, if you complete every animation I need, you may be looking at a total pay of 1,000USD-1,500USD or the DevEx equivalent in Robux

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord:

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