[100k Backup] Hiring a UI Designer and advanced Scripter for a First Person Shooter Game

About Us

Hello, I am the Lead Developer for a game developing Studio, known as RARKAZ. We have made two games in the past, which can be found here. One of them being a story game, the other a horror game. The story game can be found here: Museum (STORY) - Roblox
The Horror game can be found here: Wolfie [BETA] CHAPTER 3! - Roblox

We have decided to make a First Person Shooter(FPS) Game next. More info can be found in the job description.

The Team
@Little_Joes - Project Manager and Secondary Programmer
@iiWxllington - Off Site Programming
@shabman - Building

Job Description

We are looking for a professional Scripter and UI Designer to join our team. We need professional UIs using ViewPorts. The scripter will need to be able to program the game. You will need to make the guns work, The teaming, The different game modes, the game logic, etc. You will be required to do all of this. You will need to be a decently advanced scripter for this. If your interested in any of the two jobs, you must have a portfolio or some work to show.

You must be able to spend at least 3 hours each day as the scripter, most days of the week.


We are paying a % for the game. This is how it’s going to work out:
Scripter: 50% of game revenue, Builder: 30%, and the UI Designer: 20%. We have a backup of 100,000 Robux if the game fails. We will share this in the same way.

Contact Us

You can contact us on Discord at: Little_Joe#0001
You must be 15+ To join our team.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Would you need an animator, if so hmu.


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hmu means hit me up

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I’m interested in the spot for UI designer. I’ve recently worked on another FPS game so I have the experience and understand what type of User Interface you are looking for.

You can view my portfolio here: devTig3r | Closed - #4 by blank_ts

I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord. My username is devTig3r#2580

I’ve accepted it…

Ah okay, thanks…

Would you be willing to have a gfx designer on your team?

Yes, may I see a portfolio? Or some work?

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We’re still looking for a scripter!

Sorry no…

Are you interested our just saying what it means?

Sorry, if I was unclear. I was just saying what it meant


Sent a friend request…

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