[100k budget] Looking to hire a Professional Weapon System Scripter for Phoenix International [CLOSED]

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About Us

Hello everyone! My name is Rapt0r_V and I am here to offer recruitment for a scripting for a small 5.6k dinosaur group named Phoenix International being lead by Myself. The group was started by me several years ago and has had its falls and ups multiple times and the main reason being developers. Thankfully, the group is back on its track with a bright future.

The Team
@Rapt0r_V - Group Owner

@GattkaACM - Secondary Scripter

@TheOnly0ne - Tertiary Scripter, Dinosaur guy , Terrain Artist

@Sporemex - Secondary Dinosaur guy, Builder

@Jamtri73 - UI/UX Design, Builder,

About The Job Detail

Type Of Developers Needed: Weapon Framework Scripting

Description: R15 Supported Over The Shoulder Third Person/FPS hybrid Gun System
It must:

  • Support an optional attachment of Toggle-able Laser and Flashlight System
  • Support variable and fixed fire-modes
  • Support Single bullet/shell reloading types for revolvers and shotguns mainly
  • Support the ability to have changeable tracers
  • Be able to make pistols, Assault Rifles, Snipers and Shotguns with it.
    -Support flamethrowers and damage affects stat debuffs
    -Support scopes for sniper rifles respectively
    -Support bullet velocity and bullet drop
    -Support damage multipliers
    -Support Under-barrel attachments fire-modes such as grenade launchers and shotguns
    -Limited ammo and resupply system
    -Impact sounds and impact gfx on surfaces
    -Ability to switch camera views by pressing Q to change shoulder
    -Holding right click enters shooting by default it stays in the patrol stance and cannot be fired
    -Support modularity and ease of use aka running off of the least amount of scripts possible.
    -Support Explosives for things like RPGs and standalone grenade launchers
    -It must also support the ability to have tranquilizer rifles respectively -This will be explained in detail once we meet-
    -The ability to change third person cursor in settings per weapon
    -Must be able to be scaled up in future to be hybrid first person/third person


  • I will provide examples and any particulars that may be needed.
  • Expected to be high standards and high quality.
  • Expect regular updates and ability to test the product throughout it’s Development.
  • Warning this is not a beginner job
  • It Must Be Optimized to an efficient standard
  • UI will be provided as required
  • Further information will be provided when you accept or discuss the job
  • Animations will be provided for weapons


Due to the community of this genre being so small, we are offering 60,000-100,000 R$ depending on quality and ability to hit all functions as well as general feel.
Note Alternative Payment methods are also very much possible to discuss as is budget which can be adjusted a portion.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, via Twitter or Discord at:
TheRaptor#4213 Or https://discord.gg/EyQNFPxe

Thank you for reading!

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