[100k+ Robux] Hiring experienced scripters! (BIG PROJECT)

Hey! I am looking for some very experienced scripters to help me create a wonderful project of mine. This is a really huge project that I hope can become a thing!

To keep this document from being very long, I have provided a link to what we are looking for to be scripted.

In order to be hired it is a requirement you have played Sea Of Thieves, as that is the best reference we can give.

In order to make sure work is being done you will be required to sign a contract more information will be provided once hired.

Payment can be discussed on what you think is a fair price, I am open to new prices but they need to be reasonable.

For more information please contact one of the following:
@CodeZeroGamin Discord: Ayden#2726
@NO4HHHH Discord: iiOmega#1234
@soundleak Discord: Alex.#1408


The Google doc. isn’t for public viewing.

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Ahh thanks, let me fix that sorry! :smiley:


Is this supposed to be something like Whatever Floats your Boat - Roblox?

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No, the best thing I can compare it to is the real game Sea Of Thieves.

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An old but helpful comparison might be Galleons. Your design is more interactive, but the general theme is similar.

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Are you looking for more than one programmer? It’s a lot for one person. Although I’m fairly confident that I could complete 80% of your demands, I think I’d have trouble with a few.

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Well two people would be great if you had a friend who would love to work with you.

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Well, I’m interested since this is a different concept than what I mentioned before.

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Alright sure! Add me on discord. Alex.#1408

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