(10k-15k robux) Hiring Scripter for Original Murder game

Original Murder Game To Roblox!

About Me

**Hi! I am a roblox developer who has been working on this project for a very long time.
I single handedly build maps, animate, and GUI design! (You will see examples below)
The issue is my lack of knowledge with scripting.

About The Game

This game is pretty much original to roblox, (Like trouble in Terrorist Town mixed with Minecrafts Murder in Mineville) no murder mystery game has ever looked like this on roblox, style wise, and gameplay wise. I dont want to get into it too much, as I’d like to keep the game a little bit secretive until I have someone willing to work on the game.


The game is basically completely done, everything has been planned out and made, all I need is a scripter to come in and complete their part. and I’d love to welcome someone to the development

[details=“Example of our game”]

Your Requirements

-I only recruit people who have worked on actual games
-Must be experienced with GUIS, Queues, Damage, Etc.


You will be paid 10500RBX, and full credit on game.
I will pay in gift cards, or really however you’d like. I just find that more efficient.
The payment process will work in what you complete. So for each task you complete you will get paid, nothing upfront due to being scammed.

Contact Us

You are more than free to contact me here, or on roblox, but I’d prefer if you contact me on discord #Meds5160

Thanks for reading! And hope to work with you! :slight_smile:

I am interested. I have many years of experience, and would love to help.


What is your profile link?
https://www.roblox.com/users/profile?username=ThickSlickChick is not working.
People - Roblox also doesn’t work.


Hello! Please message me at #Meds5160, I’d love to work on the game with you

I don’t have a discord, sadly. Do you have twitter, or we could even do roblox messaging.

I know it is inconvenient but I am very experienced in this field and really would like to help.

Emiko - Roblox did this work?

I don’t have a twitter, but roblox messaging works fine.

Sure thing. I sent you a friend request. My name is @MattPrograms

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