[10k // 25%] Long Term Low-Poly Simulator Builder!

About Us

Hello! Welcome to Team Picnic. We are a rising development group that will be making an advanced simulator game. We are still coordinating the game and will be needing developers.

The Team
@SpiralRBX - Project Manager
@Officially_MrDev - Assistant Project Manager
@WorstRBX - Scripter
@CouldBeYou - Modeler / Low Poly Builder

About The Job

We need a developer to make us a nice map, with multiple biomes, and it will be kinda medium/large. This will be our first world for the game release. We will be making new worlds more in space once the game takes off, and you will be paid via Percentage.


  • Experience with building MAPS
  • 1-2 Years+ In your specialization
  • Independent Skills to finish a job
  • Free Time during Working Hours
  • Portfolio with Past Experiences
  • Advanced work experience


We are paying 25% of all game earnings (possibly will raise, depending on future decisions) and also 10k backup payment (As you work, I will be working my hardest on commissions, so expect this number to rise.)

Contact Us

You can contact us here at the Devforum (Contact user @SpiralGaia) OR
You can contact us on discord at SpiralRBX#5787 or TheBritGuy#4465

Please note: Do not respond to this post complaining about prices or anything. If you want to reply, make it about the job itself. Any other problems then DM me.


I sent you a friend request on Discord. Coldshot#9461

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We are still accepting submissions.

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