[10k] Hiring Cafe Builder

V1 Cafe

About Us

Hello! My name is alex, I run a small cafe group that’s been looking to strive on ROBLOX. The cafe name is Galão! We’ve been looking for a developer who wont leave the project and finish within 3-5 days!

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to help us out with the development of a V1 Cafe. We expect good quality builds and updated everyday on the progress. I require a game link so I can visit the cafe myself even if it is just the framework. Good communication skills will be required as most of my developers have backdoored me and I hope you wouldn’t do the same! I NEED a builder, please help Galão. You will have to be able to make cafe machines with the cafe. I require updates every day.


We are paying R$ (3,000R$ - 7,000R$) depending on the satisfaction of the build! We will discuss payment method through our dm’s! We also offer a rank within the group and/or a Percentage % of Revenu gained from the V1. We’re ready to air A LOT of ad’s. Join us!

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord @AbolishedAlex#3517

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey, I Sent you a Friend Request on Discord! Im Turtle#0362

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I am interested. I have friended you on discord! :slight_smile:


Made plenty of these! Im looking forward to doing yours. Sent you a req on discord! :slight_smile:


Sent a friend request on discord. Will be happy to build with good quality, efficient time span and other help you require. ~ Jake ~#9261

I added you, I’m looking forward to speaking.

I friended you, please DM me when you can!

Is this still open? If so, do I need discord to talk with you?

Discord is preferred but you can talk on the forums in dms.

Is the job still open for hire?

Hi! I sent you a friend request on Discord. (sam.#6195)

Yes, the job is still open if you want to apply still.

Hello! I sent a request in Discord. BloxxarPlayz#2392

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