[10K+ R$] Looking for Builders [Black Clover: Grimshot]

Hiring Builders in Black Clover Grimshot

About The Job

We are currently looking someone who’s experienced in using the roblox terrain as we need edits in our main map cuz we’re looking to improve it, we’re having the map expanded for big update!

Play the game: [X4 LUCK, X3 EXP] Clover Kingdom: Grimshot - Roblox

Before you all start DMing me, these are the complexity of the maps you’d be doing for me:

Roblox Maps Sample that we probably will need:

Taken from someone I know (Xiruem)


We are paying 10K+ R$ for changes in the main map and up to 100K+ R$ if we’re looking for you to build us a new map. It can be dollars with a conversion rate of (1K R$ = 2 USD)

Contact Us

Drop your discord here or DM me in DevForum for your discord and I’ll add you, I have a lot of FRs so please contact me if you’re interested.

Froredion#2361 (Here’s my discord)



I am interested, my discord is cheese#0657

Added you on discord


I am interested, add me please! nor.#0001

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