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Hello, My name is Dev_Frags and I am a 3D Modeler and a Programmer that has worked as an Roblox Developer for over 3 years now. I run my own studio and I am a single, hard-working Developer. I am 15 years old and is an American/Korean. I am open for commissions and am willing to spend my time and work, I have big dreams to achieve and this is only the beginning of a new road. For scripting, I’ve learned, HTML, little bit of C++, Luau, and CSS. HTML is my most favorite as it’s easy to understand for me. For Modelling, I use Blender to achieve and create good-quality furniture and assets, I can finish around 1-2 models per day, I have done blender for a short amount of time, around 6 months now. Unfortunately there’s still alot for me to learn. At the moment, I’m learning how to do UI’s, What I will be using for UI/UX is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD. This will help me create high-quailty UI’s for games and also help me learn more about what User Interface are and how they currently work.

This is my own project I am running at the moment. ^^

Games I previously worked on…

Transcendence-Obby (OUTDATED)

BRKLYN VIBE (Got kicked off the team/Discontinued.)

Halo’s Difficulty Chart Obby (Failed Project)

Pistol Clash (Older Edition, Failed Project.)

Games I am currently working on:

Aphine Site - Z - Roblox

Dawn of War - Project Dawn of War: Detail/Research Paper - Google Docs


Old Work

Here is some Model’s I made on my own:

  1. SaveDataScript and Currency System Script - Roblox
  2. Camera Bobble Effect - Roblox
    If you go to the Models Section you will see the videos and screenshots of the Model

Camera Bobble Script:

Small Laser Gun:

Shop Scripting
Health Bar Scripting

Door Open and Close:
Join Line and Leave Line:



Recent Work

Learning Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
This video below is based off a tutorial for me to learn OOP from a guy named okeanskiy, link to the tutorial is below after this video shown.

House System Tutorial! - Roblox (Object Oriented Ownership) - YouTube

3D Modeling (NEW!)

Older Work

Low-poly sci-fi car. NOT FROM A TUTORIAL.

Custom ViewModel Arms. Learned how to manage texture and adjust to look better

Basic Armor I built, Texture is what makes it look high-poly but in realism, it’s low-poly. Apologize for bad texturing, I do not have yet the skills to make my own texture and adjust it.

Commission for Marz Clothing Industries - Roblox

Recent Work

Note: The house model isn’t mine, I learned this based off tutorial about particles and improvement in world lighting settings.

UI Design’s

Sample Work

This is just a sample. Here’s what I could’ve done/improved. Nobody commissioned for it, this was worked during my free time.

  • Replaced the current image with a game thumbnail
  • Replaced the game logo with a custom game logo
  • Made the font of the loading screen more balanced to the loading bar

More coming soon!

My Terms of Service and Rights
  • I have the right to say no to your services and refuse to work with you.

  • If your payment conditions are too low, we can work around with that. I do not work for free.

  • If you scam me and steal my assets without permission, I have the right to report you to Roblox.

  • You must follow Roblox’s ToS in order for me to work with you.

  • If you force me to work, I will refuse to work with you and immediately block you.

  • All Commissions and Projects will pay 50% at the start and 50% at the end.

  • I do not take any percentages, whatsoever

  • More Terms and Conditions Coming Soon.

Roblox's Terms of Service


I have no schedule at the moment but can work 2-3 hours per day. I’m mainly looking for those who need to fix their games or wants bugs patched. I will accept commissions and possibly long-term deals, but the deals must require decent payment and a game that could possibly succeed.

Trello Schedule:


(New Sections, Will revise later…)
A Few Reviews from my work.

I feel payment is the most important part so I will explain it in the best way possible. Prices are negotiable, I will only accept Pay Per Asset or One-Time Payment (Note: I will not take any percentages whatsoever), I prefer more of Pay Per Asset. My preferred payment type is [:robux:]. I am also selling some of the models that I showed above. Please do note that if your project fails. You will need to pay a backup payment. Either R$1000 :robux: or above


Prices will vary based off complexity, time and effort

3D Modeling

Prices will vary based off complexity, time and effort

UI Design’s

Prices will vary based off complexity, time and effort

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/DevFrags_ or Discord: Frags#7777

Thanks for reading and have a great day! :slight_smile:


Tried to add you but it didn’t work

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Hello! I have something I need scripted, please contact me here via DMs. Thank you!

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Is it possible you have a discord? Would be appreciated!

amazing scripter, does the job pretty fast and does exactly what you need!

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Great guy to work with. Completed work in good quality and before the deadline. Definitely recommend him.

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Very good modeler for a fairly good price. He gives exactly what you ask for and does not get frustrated when asked for revisions. Definitely recommend.

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Would you be willing to model some hats, berets, helmets and vests? If so, contact me here on the Developer Forum so we may discuss.

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Also, little nitpick, why is 10 USD equivelant to 1000 robux in your pricing, while 2500 robux is equivelant to 50 USD?

(Assuming US Dollar for sake of simplicity and since that is what DevEx converts robux too)

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Vouch for frags, lovely person to talk to and get to know. Genuinely wants to help as well as being a sick modeller and good scripter!

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Hey everyone! I’m looking for a 2nd long-term deal that can accept a upfront payment of 10-25K based off how much I have to work. I also would like to accept commissions too! Thank you and hopefully you enjoy my portfolio. I’m also learning OOP so that’s very good news!

Hi! I’m interested in hiring you, I sent you a friend req on diz.

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