1.1 Official Release "Expansion Update"

Madison County, Alabama

1.1 Full Release “Expansion Update”

Changes made from Pre-Release

  • Fire Department Spawners now have a cooldown to prevent lagging the game.
  • Fixed players retro walking.
  • Fixed gap in the highway.
  • Fixed trees in the highway.
  • Removed little friend from server storage.
  • Added G17, M4A1, and M870 to server storage.
  • Added new custom house for firemen10000 and iAstronautic.
  • Added more Fire Department vehicles.
  • New car skins.
  • Other bug fixes.

Previous changelog, incase you didn’t see it.

Added Features

  • Stage 1 Expansion - Added 652500 square studs on to the map.
  • Added a highway travelling through the expansion. Starts near FD and ends on main road.
  • Revamped Fire Department to make it look cleaner; based it off a real FD.
  • Added jail cells in SWAT HQ (replaced briefing room.)
  • Mountain extended into expansion.
  • Added speed limit signs to important roads.
  • Highway travels through a tunnel through the mountain.
  • Added traffic lights to various intersections.
  • Added Space Museum on Main Road.
  • Added Fire Department Vehicles.


  • Disabled unfinished money UI.
  • Dam was widened to two lanes.
  • Tweaked atmosphere and new skybox.
  • Made water look better.
  • Branched off of the river.
  • Upgraded ACS 1.7.5 to 1.7.6.
  • Removed 1x1x1x1.

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