1/21 DevHub Scheduled Maintenance

Hey everyone,

The DevHub will be undergoing scheduled maintenance** this evening. We do not anticipate downtime, but if any issues are encountered traffic will be directed to our maintenance page.


Date Begin Time Expected Duration
January 21, 2020 9:00 PM PST 60 minutes

There are lots of bug fixes and improvements that we are shipping!

Some changes to be excited for:

  • Search functionality improvements:
    • Member types are now specified in search results for API pages
    • Learn Roblox section categories are now specified in search results for article pages
  • Fixed indentation issues with code samples
  • Removed publish timestamp from top of article pages
  • Fixing issue with “You are leaving Roblox” showing up in the title of some pages when searched for on Google

**Changes may take time to percolate as we do rolling cache invalidations to ease server load on generating new versions of each page. Improvements to site search functionality might take a few days to fully reflect as well as our search provider will need time to reindex site content accordingly.


The maintenance has been completed successfully.