[125k R$] Looking for Seasoned Builder for Home Store

I’ve added you on Discord but I’d like to talk about the payment system so it protects both the builder and the commissioner.

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They could leak the game by remaining in game as well other people joining which could plagiarise the assets they will buy.

My method is the most adequate and I’ll stand by that.

that is a good point there, well hopefully he changes his mind.

Hello Bohors + Yacti,

I understand your worries. If you are interested in the commission, you are more than welcome to DM me and we can negotiate a payment method with the project manager that accommodates your concerns and lands in the middle ground. We are also willing to write up a legally binding contract that ensures payment is received. I hope this helps.

EDIT: Additionally, I have worked with the project manager in the past and he has continued to show dedication to his word and has never failed to pay as he said he would. Proof of this is available in addition to the aforementioned ^^

Interested, added you on discord. SNEK#7069

It’s worth attempting to get this job…

Sent you a request on discord! lily#4000 Is this project is still open?

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