[125k R$] Looking for Seasoned Builder for Home Store


We’re looking for someone to take over the building of a project my buddy and I were commissioned for a while back. He’s recently been pulled into active duty by the national guard and has been unable to meet deadlines. We’ve been having trouble finding committed builders since.

About The Job

The project is a clothing store that is being closely modeled after the Irvine Spectrum Center in California. Each store, as pictured in the attached images below, will hold a different brand of clothing. The building was started, but never finished. You will be working off of the existing project file and completing the build to our standards. Scripting is covered by me.

Clothing Group

Pictures of the Irvine Spectrum Center, CA



  • 13+ years of age
  • Well practiced in studio building and able to provide proof of previous work
  • Comfortable collaborating with others
  • Able to deliver the build within three weeks of commission
  • Can provide regular updates of progress
  • Willing to accept criticism or be denied the position if we’re not comfortable hiring you

If you fail to meet any of the above requirements, expect to be dismissed and for the commission to be reopened. We expect utmost dedication and highest quality.


125,000 robux will delivered through group funds after the work expected is received.



Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:


I have a question, do we also have to build the interior items?


We expect the interiors to be finished as well, yes. The only thing provided for the interiors are the mannequins, which are already built, coded and ready for you to use.

Interested in this project! Sent you a request on discord.


Hey! I have a lot of experience doing recreations; I’d be more than happy to do this for you.


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do you have proof of the funds if it won’t be upfront

Yes, I was just going to ask the Same thing, I want a Video proof, as you could have used Inspect Element.

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We will provide proof once we have selected somebody. We have more than enough in group funds to pay the amount listed.

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The position is still open! Feel free to message me on Discord with your portfolio/any questions.

(will close within 3 days)

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Interested, have added you from zack.#4717

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I dont like your payment method. As a builder myself, I like to get paid before I turn in the model. If i give you the model before i even get the money whats to stop you from scamming me

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I’m sorry to hear that our payment method worries you. We share your concerns. To avoid loss, we are most comfortable paying after receiving the product. I am more than happy to write up a contract if this soothes any unrest surrounding the payment method.

If you have any further questions, feel free to DM me!

im very uncomfortable with that. if you think about this, it would be highly unrealistic if a builder who has spent weeks on your home store scam you once you pay him out. Im not comfortable with your payment method and in this game its hard to trust people even in DevForum.

You don’t need to post this… this is a post for a job recruitment not a “How comfortable do you feel post.” don’t reply to this either. Just message me if you really want to reply and don’t spam the guys forum

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Interested i sent friend request.


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Hi there, I have many questions which I provided on discord private messages, thank you :).

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I can do this. I will send you my portfolio on discord.

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The vast majority of builders expect their payment before handing over the assets they have worked on. Why would the builder scam you if they have spent their time working on your assets? If anything this, payment method is putting the builder at great risk of being scammed.

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This is a risky transaction method.

My policy is fairer than most as some developers expect a deposit of 25% for example upfront.

Personally, I think that is the wrong method and that you should build the project then show screenshots and screen share to your client. They will then pay you and the developer will give them the project.

This is the way I’d do it and the majority of professional and committed developers.

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I believe the best way is for the person to test the game, like actual play, before sending the assets over.