13-16 or 17+ are best to sponsor your game to get more revenue?

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to know the best age to sponsor my games in Roblox for more $$$ to achieve from game pass/premium payouts

  2. What is the issue? Haven’t seen such information at all, also due to the new “audience” update in the dashboard it’s more confusing

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Planning to write a script for such a feature, but is that even possible? Ig no

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13-16 because most of the platform’s playerbase is very young

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I saw someone saying that 17+ is best to sponsor since kids are doing fake age of their accounts

they can do that but you’re going to get the widest span of audience when you go for 8-14, if i’m not wrong 40% of the platform is under the age of 12 so it’s pretty ideal

on top of that the older your target audience is the less likely they’ll be spending their money on microtransactions since they are more responsible with their money because it would likely be earned by themselves

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Sponsor to all ages. There is not enough statistical data to determine which one is best sponsoring to.