13 Year Old Voice Actor For Hire (OPEN)

About Me

Hi! I am Colton and I have been playing roblox for quite awhile now! I am 13 and
I have used the devforum for awhile now but just recently got an account on the forum.
anyway, I work in modelling and voice acting. My voice is kind of high pitched but also kind of monotone and I can do multiple voices fairly well. (one of my favorites is my nature narrator British accent or my Ken Burns one.)


My payment is negotiable. My lowest price is free if it is just a small role.

Service info

Currently, my computer is in the shop but my Chromebook works so I can send audio files or do a recorded discord call.

Contact Info

My twitter (@PancakezSlimey) https://twitter.com/PancakezSlimey
My Discord ColtonTheJester#5188 (my discord server is linked in my group EPIC JESTERS
You can message me on Roblox or the devforum as well.



Some examples would be nice.
Best regards, cookie.