14 May | Crisis Play: Kurt City | Updates

Crisis Play: Kurt City | 14 May

Hello Everyone!

Good Evening! If you are just joining us for today, this is a summary of the previous update ! Please read below for a summary of today’s update!

  • Brand new Museum!

Today’s update consists of a brand new museum! This museum allows you to steal paintings by some very “famous” artists! These paintings costs a lot to purchase them! You may own one of these paintings by stealing them or purchasing them with cash and you may even display it in your own homes! (Stolen art pieces cannot be displayed. They can only be sold for cash.)

  • Relocation of the Residential Building!

The residential building has been around for a long time! We would like to update it to stay cool and make it look good too!

  • Brand new Luka Highway!

The new Luka Highway allows players to move faster within the game! This also allows us to chase down criminals faster! :smiley: :smiley:

  • Another relocation of Petrol Station?

The petrol station has again received another relocation. I wonder when the relocation of the petrol station will end…

CP:KC | Petrol Station

  • More houses!

More houses coming into CP:KC as we slowly transit to full housing system. This new housing system will allow us to place your purchased art works in them!

Bugs & Improvements Updates

  • Terrain issue that causes holes fixed.
  • Colour System fixed.
  • Backend System for VEHICLES improved.
  • All previous bug reports fixed.
  • New badge alert!!!
  • and other Minor Bugs Fixes

Thanks to these people for making this update happen! Make sure to check out the game here!

@IsaacYePlaysRoblox (Lead Developer)

@ValiantWind (Senior Developer)

@Kaid3n22 (Senior Developer)

@SingaporeSteadyLah (Developer)

@Zadakianu28 (Developer)

@sniper74will (Developer)

@/july2010_01 (Junior Developer)

@ForgetableLife (Moderator)

@ScenicRose (Contributor)