15 Mar | Crisis Play: Kurt City | News

Crisis Play: Kurt City | 15 Mar

Hello Everyone!

Good Afternoon! If you are just joining us for today, this is a summary of the previous update! Please read below for a summary of today’s update!

  • Roblox Audio Wipeout

Based on the recent Roblox Audio Update, we are unable to verify whether the audios in our game will be deleted or not. The team will be monitoring the situation and continuously update all players!

You may view the current situation here:

:one:: Roblox released their notice and informed us about it via an announcement on the DevForum, asking us to take action immediately!

:two:: The game, Crisis Play: Kurt City, may be facing problems regarding audios as most audios found in game are not made by us, directly.

:three:: We have updated our platforms and will continue to update it with the latest information about the game. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated!

:four:: The Team have now started working on removal of audios that are found irrelevant to Roblox. The Team has started to make our own audios instead! Stay tuned for more updates coming across this week!

:five:: The Team has resolved this issue. We will continue to monitor the situation within the next few days/weeks and update you accordingly. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

:six:: We have now removed all audios found unsuitable for Roblox! Many services has been impacted due to Roblox Audio Changes! We are working and trying to identify a fix for these issues.

LAST UPDATED: 15 March 2022, 9:40pm EST