[$150 - $200+ USD] Hiring Animator & Advanced Scripter for a Game Based in Feudal Japan

I have been a developer for 5+ years, building and creating GUIs on and off. Very recently, I’ve taken up the task of rebuilding one of my favorite periods in history; Feudal Japan. I aim to capture what makes most combat open-world games good while providing an experience that truly immerses you in what feels like Feudal Japan. As of now, it’s only been me working on it but I hope to change that by hiring some extra talent!



I’m looking for an animator and a scripter, preferably one with at least 2 years of experience. For the animations, I need someone that can create several variants of walking (left, right, backward, forwards, diagonal, etc), climbing, and combat. You’ll be animating two rigs, potentially three. Any additionals assets needed will be provided. As for the scripter, I’m looking to get a lock-on combat system, similar to that of For Honor with parries, blocks, counters, etc, alongside over the shoulder character-camera scripting, a climbing mechanic, movement, and more. More information will be provided when hired.

The deadline for the animations will be 2 weeks and the scripting will be 4 weeks, though if additional time is needed, that’s totally acceptable.

I’m willing to pay upwards to $100 - $200+ USD overall for the animations, and $150 - $200+ USD overall for the scripting. The price depends on the quality of work, as I am far more willing to pay $200+ if the end-product is ideally what I envisioned.

contact info
Get a hold of me through Dev Forums or Discord at: BrotoBrother#5674
You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hey! I’ve contacted you on discord.

I am super interested in animaiting. Sent you a friend req, Segwaxy#4797.

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