[15k+] Hiring a modeler for a couple pets and a Badge Designer!


About The Job

Hello! I’m Sinox, Co-owner/co-founder of Funtime Simulators and our upcoming game Karate Legends. We are seeking a new pet modeler to make custom pets for our youtuber staff, as well as a badge maker for in game badges!

Due Date: All assets created MUST be done by July 1st AT MAX as we launch on the second.



We are willing to pay 15k+ Robux for services, pets will be paid preferably per pet but yeah.

Contact Us

You can contact me through our discord server, my personal discord, or the DevForum! Make sure to leave your portfolio and Discord info in the reply section!

Personal Discord: Sinox#5016
DevForum: @DisturbedSinox
Discord Server: The Prime

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Hi, I’m a gfx artist and i’m interested in the badge maker position. I sent you a request on discord.
My discord:Davit#0824

How many pets are you looking for, in what kinda style?

I added you: brandon ☆#0001

(Badge Design)

Accept my discord friend request so i can fill you in.

Looking to make some badge designs! I’m a GFX artist and I think I’d be up for the job. My portfolio is: Juno | GFX Artist/Designer

(Ignore me being closed as I’m doing a few small commissions.)

My Discord is #Ink!#8185. Looking forward to hear from you! :wink:



Hope to work with you.

I am willing to model the pets!

Portfolio: (Commissions Closed) YellowBannana898 - Programmer, Builder and 3D Modeler

Discord: YellowBannana898#0913

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