[15K R$] - In need of ninja related 3d Models

Hi I’m Dracolyx,

I’m currently in need of some meshes relative to ninjas. I’ll send you references on discord, here’s the list of what I want made. Also just so we’re clear it has to look similar to the reference, I don’t want something that looks nothing like what I want.

  1. 3 Ninja Masks
  2. Ninja Weapons (3 Types Of Katanas,Shurikens,Kunai)
  3. Armor pieces (Shoulder guards, Helmets)

I want these meshes to be adjustable as in any part that is colored differently on the mesh I want it to be a separate part in roblox studio, so I can adjust the color.

Deadline is 4-5 days. If you’re dedicated to the job I will allow more days to complete this deal.

Discord: Dracolyx#7670


I’m interested! I sent you a friend request on discord.


I’ve added you on discord :slight_smile: luca#9358

Sent you a friend request. Turtle#0362

@GGenderYT 10/10 Reccomendation. Hire him now, he is the best. No other can compare. GGenderYT is the best modeler.

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