16:9 Experience Thumbnails Are Coming to Home in April – Update Yours Now

Sounds interesting, is anyone can test it? Is there any FFlag for it??

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I just want to say cool change, I support it, but i also want to say this…

I tend to like a bit more “minimal” look with the current I feel more fits etc. But also I feel its a bit too busy.

In some ways I see the front page and wish there was less areas for games, that said some games I decided to check out then enjoyed came from it being on my home page.

I guess being able to enable or sort what you want displayed on the front page would be nice. For example for me I’d only want, continue, favorites, and maybe a for you sort.
Honestly I would really like a group feed on the front page, I feel that stuff gets forgotten.

I know the primary audience is kids, but as a user now in my mid 20s, who also helps co own in a group i see the front page and think it could be more then just full of game sorts.

I usually go to the Games tab when looking, and on that topic it would be nice to be able to select and or sort based on genre, player count, mobile friendly, pc etc. Basically in a sense just making it more easier to find games one might be looking for. Be it a drop down at the top or on the side. Kinda like how Steam does it.

I feel the games page overwhelming at times there’s all these sorts, but a lot of times its sorts im not interested it, like simulators or roleplay for example, so if we could check off boxes of what we might be looking for maybe it could give us more opportunities to find those good hidden gems of games that might not be getting the attention they deserve.
After all we can set genre in our place/game settings.

Just some thoughts I had on this as driving more discovery is kinda the topics of these changes.


It’s better for you guys not to release this. Because Fortnite’s snatching your old game page style.


How long would it take to get that released out as it would a USEFUL tool for my development and lower funding fees. My funding fees are quite high and I need to lower some for my group focus but this cannot be focused on due to high fee funding and I would LOVE to know about when it would be released as this can give me a prepartion for my development and make a slight of change of plans in fee funding.

Some questions:
How long would it take?
I dont understand on how the thumbnails on a game be decided if its a starter game and has no players (like you could try adding some expierence into checking the game or a description of a thumbnail you want and select and improve)
What are the advantages of using it and disadvantages?

I’m beginning to like the idea of bigger thumbnails giving more information about my game. That said, bigger room to share an individual game means less games that can be shown at one time.

Here’s the first thumbnail:

Here’s the icon:

I find it challenging to fit the genre of the game into the Icon, but can fit it well into the Thumbnail. I wouldn’t want to cram it in. And, that info is important to new users more I feel. So, maybe the outline for the Thumbnail should be orange instead as it would grab attention more. :person_shrugging:

This is good to hear.

That last part for testing thumbnails, I hope that allows me to see which thumbnail performs better overall. I’m more focused on the small things, like the color of the outline and text for my Icon and main Thumbnail.

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This is fine as long as you don’t bring it to web, since the desktop app is so slow / buggy anyways.

Like seriously- I can’t believe you’ve made webview feel relievingly performant. Who on software approved this interface? The only reason why I can imagine this went to production is to justify the production cost.

Reactivity is incredibly slow, if it happens at all. Components re-render slower than my grandma’s 2008 honda fit (pretty slow!), animations are extremely laggy (which of all things should look good considering it’s using your game engine), and it uses the same memory as webview alone anyways. Even when stuff works, it looks terrible. Fonts are pixelated, models will spawn out of frame because why not. Anything of importance has to be behind webview, so it’s around a second of latency. You would think that loading native components would be fine, but nope! Models often have 1 or so seconds of latency, and even when they do render they usually don’t render correctly.

I don’t care about this change too much. Sure, remove information if it increases engagement. But fix your stuff.

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I REALLY hope that the friend’s tab being placed lower was just a mistake or just because of a web extension… if its not then I want the person who did it to be publicly shamed

edit: so after reading other comments I’ve realized that this was somehow intentional?! Did the person who made the page layout have brain damage or do they just hate all of us???


Am I the only one who has a different font now? It feels a lot harder to read


I like the change, I think it’s really nice and it seems easier to find games as well imo.

but PLEASE change the layout to how it was previously. This new layout is such a mess and everything is out of order


I just saw this as well. [SUBJECTIVE OPINION WARNING] Needs to be fixed, makes the Home Screen even look more modern, sure, but at the same time puts everything in a mess also somehow making scrolling through EVEN LONGER than it was before (something I imagined impossible).


why is the Friends & Continue part all the way down there :sob:

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I always thought they were square to match the Roblox studs texture. Or was it just a convenience?


Now while I’d usually care less about updates regarding looks on a website, as it in no way shape or form affects gameplay, this update removes a few games from the page as they won’t fit.

This results in developers having to try a bit harder to get their game up there. And this is an opinion, the developer ecosystem is more competitive than it needs to be. Our job is to make games that the platform enjoys, not just for the sake of establishing dominance over some 12 year old who made a cash grab simulator.

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I love that we’re just now starting to get the new Thumbnails! Thank you people at Roblox who worked on this :pray:

Here’s what I like and dislike about this update:

  • I like the new “Today’s Picks”

  • I dislike that friends are moved down

  • As a developer, I loved to see that the Sponsored category was moved up

  • I like the new 16:9 Thumbnail

  • I dislike that the Continue category has been moved down

I have also created some layout designs, to (maybe?) address some of the issue which I have said.

(Take this with a grain of salt, because I do not work for Roblox UI dept.)

EDIT: As I was creating this post, I saw a post from Bloxy News on Twitter/X which made me think if Roblox was trying to aim for a certain layout order.

Source: Bloxy News on Twitter/X


I like this change. I think it’s really cool to see what Roblox does with their own UI! (Because I’m a UI nerd)

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why did they move Friends and Continue halfway down the page


If anyone who works for Roblox sees this I suggest changing the layout to:

Continue playing
Recommended For You
Today’s Picks

also don’t use this ugly bar to separate the parts :puke:

that way the home page feels less cluttered and doesn’t require people to scroll down so much :slight_smile:

(or let us choose the order)


Please fix the bug where continue is below todays pick! and friends list is below that too.

As far as I’m concerned this only is occuring on the roblox website, not the app

I think it’s be better if friends and recently played stayed at the top. Also it’d be cool if the “see all” button and 1:1 thumbnails were optional.

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Personally i’m very against this change, i think the 16:9 tiles are really stupid and make everything feel and look a lot clunkier than it used to be, and i can make one comparison of a good way to do something like this.

Take this Wayback Machine screenshot of the 2013 games page, note how everything was also a 16:9 tile back then too! with one key difference… and i’ll get onto that in a little


It displays the player count at the bottom left, some relevant gear/genre info at the bottom right (which could be replaced with something else since those aren’t very relevant anymore), and best of all (the key difference i mentioned earlier), everything was vertically padded a good bit so it didn’t look so cluttered! not to mention the extra info when you hovered over, like displaying the creator, all time visits, favorites and last updated date! and all of this worked without it feeling too clunky, not to mention that this was also before developers were told to make game icons for their games so they look better on discovery / home pages, so everyone already had main thumbnails that satisfied the whole “this is your game’s first impression” deal that they want us to go back to now, but the problem is that there is a chance that this one might not be the first impression someone sees, as it will vary depending on how and where you find the game. While scrolling through a little to test the waters with the discovery i just found myself confused and a little bit visually overwhelmed by how crammed together everything felt.

Also, getting onto the 16:9 tiles individually as opposed to comparing them to the 2013 version, these ones, apart from feeling clunky and crammed together, also feel very slow to cycle through due to the (way more delayed than it should be) highlight effect, the effect also goes into its neighboring tiles, extending its “click-off” zone to whenever your mouse either leaves the highlight or goes into the smaller initial click-in zone of the next tile, for which another slow highlight plays.

Personally i’m very against this change, i was already pretty meh on it for consoles but at least there it makes sense since you need to be able to see what you can see a lot clearer since one usually sits further away from the screen than on a computer, but the change for desktop just seems very dumb and misguided,

I’ll also compare them to youtube tiles, who have been doing the 16:9 format for as long as i can remember, here’s a photo!

look at how much info they can fit into one tile! and just to compare the padding, i’ll post a 4 tile screenshot showing similarly to what roblox could show in 4 tiles

Wow! it doesn’t look that cluttered! its the beauty of just making the things a little more vertically padded, just like they did back in 2013! (and they also managed to put the type of info that roblox had hidden in the 2013 screenshot without having it hidden!), sure in retrospect the vertical padding on the roblox homepage is not too bad, but i can’t help but feel like it still looks very cluttered even after looking at it for a little while longer, while comparing for this post, i still feel like this is a very misguided and useless effort that does a lot more harm than good, adding to it the removal of the player count display, but i’ve already talked about that to great lengths before and i won’t get into that again, that’s really all i had to say for this very lengthy devforum reply that will likely get burried deep in the comment thread and won’t be checked out by many more people, oh well!



Please put our friends lists back at the top.

I went into more detail about why this matters in a similar thread, so I’ll copy and paste it here.

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Hi, does everyone have new 16:9 icons? My friend still has the old square ones. Has a fairly new account from November 2023.

This will be nice when more options are added. Right now, I don’t like that the 16:9 thumbnail HAS to be the first listed thumbnail because the first listed thumbnail is also the image that is used for the splash screen when loading in, so now instead of having variety when loading (before I had icon image and a different background 16:9 thumb). Now I have the same icon and same image for 16:9 on the splash screen. (because I need my same icon to be displayed in the 16:9 icon)

Hope that makes sense, its kinda confusing.