16:9 Experience Thumbnails Are Coming to Home in April – Update Yours Now

It could also be attributed to the novelty of seeing a larger 16:9 thumbnail alter being used to only seeing small 1:1 icons.


woohoooo new icons size yeeeee


More exposure for the already successful games and less for the new games, I don’t see how this is helpful.


Great more clutter on the home page! How about give us a setting to disable the genre tabs first and put the favorites tab under the recently played tab INSTEAD OF IT BEING ON THE VERY BOTTOM!

But on a more positive note I do like this a lot better than the small thumbnails (it also reminds me of the old Roblox page)


Great! Now give us A/B testing please


What is even the point of making an icon then? Plus, most experience thumbnails are already designed to be a viewed on a larger scale, so if they have any important text in them, it may be misleading to the person viewing the image. For example, which would look better? The actual icon, or a thumbnail at a really small size?

Well, I most likely click the actual icon.


I think the thubnails are too large and mobile users wont have a good moment on the home page.

What is even the point of making things 4 times larger? It’s like zooming to 200% on my browser, it’s useless, like this update.

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Oh my god

It’s coming back


Something they could do is force landscape mode in the roblox app instead of portrait, adding way more space to work with :thinking:

Agree, this seems like it will hurt discovery. 2 games per row will not be seen, :frowning:


Maybe the players/users should be left with the option to toggle between the Icon or the 16:9.
This way both developer & user can be accommodated .

Ever noticed how Roblox’s corporate websites had video in the background? Those were YT videos aswell. Really easy to embed if you know how to do it

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This view was much better.
Because it had more game info in it before you had to go into the page itself.
And less “Ads”.

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I think it will be fine if Icon and thumbnail mixing well!
If it’s a thumbnail, I hope show up current number of users.

Hi Chasing,

The new Thumbnail personalization system will go beyond traditional A/B testing, enabling creators like you to upload diverse thumbnails. It automatically finds the best thumbnail for each user group. It also integrates with the creator analytics dashboard, allowing you to monitor your thumbnails’ impact on users. Stay tuned for more information on this system in future forum posts!


Hi StinchComb,

You can select the image you want to showcase on Home by reordering the desired image to the first position, but choosing images that aren’t the first thumbnail is currently limited. However, we’re working on a new thumbnail personalization system that will let you upload your preferred thumbnails to display on Home. It will also automatically find the best thumbnail for each user group, improving engagement and visibility.


Hi Reditect,

  1. The upcoming thumbnail personalization system we’re developing will allow you to upload your preferred thumbnails for Home. These will be separate from the thumbnails on the Experience Details. Additionally, it will automatically select the best thumbnail for each user group, enhancing engagement and visibility for your experience.
  2. Icons and thumbnails serve distinct purposes in helping users discover your experience on Roblox. Larger tiles with thumbnail sizes are crucial for new recommendations, providing immersive evidence to guide user decisions. However, for reminders of familiar experiences, like the Continue section within Home, smaller tile sizes with icons are more effective.

jesus april??? thats really soon!!! why not wait until may so we have some ttime?

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Thanks! More specifically, would this be using a multi-armed bandit model to accomplish this or is there another direction that was taken?

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1st reply

“automatically” I love the sound of that!(sarcasm)

2nd reply

As I said here:

making them only slightly rectangular would be better this also allows already existing icons to be nicely cropped to the new size without losing as much of the image far better than using the games thumbnails also shrinking them would be a better idea instead of making them bigger as it would allow more games to be shown on screen at once.

Why is there two sections here?

I thought I might as well put 2 replies in one instead of spamming 2 replies.

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