17-Day Project Released Today, Accepting Feedback on Gameplay!

Hello! :smiley: I just released my true first game today and I would love some feedback on the gameplay! :slight_smile:



So It is not bad but not really what I would call a winter obby. Everything is normal espet the cabin and the snow and music. There is no real winter parcore/obby.

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Are you able to rephrase that? I didnโ€™t really understand about the winter part, this obby is winter themed. What should I add to fit the theme more?

I mean it does not have anything in the obby to do with winter. The only thing is snow, music and a cabin. An example of what you could add is make it so there is some ice blocks you side across due to the cold or you know something to make the obby itself more like winter.

Ohh ok I understand it now thanks :+1:

Itโ€™s definitely in the top 30% of obbies presented here. The fact that you gave it a winter theme, rather than just lazily dragged blocks into suspended sky, is commendable.
You seem like youโ€™re going to add new stuff, so good job.

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Thank you for the feedback :smiley: I appreciate it!