1700-1800s buildings/props i made

heres all my screenshots for a commission i picked up.
the knife in the ammunition crates are not made by me btw, another person im kind of working with
and neither is the axe leaning on the crate


keep calm there is only a few more

remember to leave feedback


I like your lighting for the rooms! I would perfer the guns, ammunition box to be smooth plastic instead of wood.


I think they were going for a mid poly type of build SmoothPlastic is for low poly and plastic objects.

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Well congratulations… this is the coolest build I’ve ever seen. I love the 1700-1800’s so this made me very happy :slight_smile:

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Well done! The textures are good, the lightning is good. The building is nice. Well done keep on the hard work!

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So much hard work you put into this project. Keep working.

Nicely done

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