[$175+] A Low-Poly & Cartoony Map, as meshed/modeled as possible. (Zoo)

Zoo Commission

About The Job

Cut a long story short we will be needing a Zoo created, essentially a cartoon-styled / low-poly zoo with enclosures to my preference. We can create a plan for you to follow as well as reference photos to help you. You will not need to create any animal meshes, merely buildings, enclosures and kiosks etc. Happy to answer any questions to make this description better.

This would be the start to a long term relationship, we will be needing many other commissions after this including the expansion of such zoo, although this is not the focus for this job.

Job Requirements

  • The majority of the map should be meshed and modeled on software such as Blender/Cinema4D.
  • No free models or work you did not create for this project are to be used, as soon as you use anything that is available to anyone else all agreements will be void.
  • We will not be strict with time frame though it will be a requirement to keep me updated at least every few days, we appreciate that you may have other commissions.

“Should have” Traits

  • Creativity - you will be given creative freedom for the job, so it is preferable that you consider yourself creative.
  • Initiative - work well without needing to be spoon-fed, of course questions are good but it is preferable that you are able to get on with the job yourself.
  • Hard-working/Dedicated - we are looking for a dedicated individual who truly cares about commissions they create, and a sort of ‘would I want this myself?’ attitude.


:robux:50,000 or 175$ PayPal - Bank transfer or other methods could be arranged.
This is a base agreement and is negotiable.
This also does not include bonuses, if you can truly put our imagination to work we will be considerately more generous.

Contact Us

Message me on the Forum with your Portfolios, I will show more consideration to the applicants who link me places to see for myself.


Hi sir I do like to build cartoony things dm me in discord : ZeXelDev#8308 or Twitter: @zexeldev


Message me on here with your portfolio please, I did say that in the thread. It will be easier for me to choose a candidate if they are all listed in my inbox.


Done sir check inbox messages lol . Text me when u decided anything

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Okay buddy, cheers, appreciate the interest and will keep you updated.

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I have sent you my portfolio
lemme know :slight_smile:

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Awesome stuff, cheers! :slight_smile:


Interested in this opportunity! Here’s my Portfolio: [COMMS CLOSED] BuiIdism | Builder & Intermediate Modeler Portfolio

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Baitem-Building portfolio Interested.

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Appreciate the interest, would our request of it being predominantly meshed be an issue for you? I noticed the majority of your portfolio is merely building from what I can see (could be wrong).


It wouldn’t be a problem at all! I do currently use Blender as my main source for creating meshes.

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I suggest you hire @blingmcqueen for this task.


Very interested in this, sounds like a fun project. You can find my portfolio here.

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Thanks! Will check you out soon.

This one slipped through, very nice portfolio, we have noted you and will take into consideration. Thanks!

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I just updated my portfolio with a new mini showcase I did if you are interested :slight_smile:

Heya, I’m up for the task! I mainly work in mid-poly realism however I’m currently trying to diverge a bit into the low poly stuff. I can make all the assets you require and I work almost purely with meshes. My portfolio: Alectfenrir123 | 3D Hard Surface mid-poly modeler

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