1867 - A Historical Reconstruction

Over the past few months, I have been working (as part of a small team) on the development of a historical reconstruction of 1867 Luxembourg. The building constructions have been referenced to maps and old photographs of Luxembourg, in order to create a realistic and authentic impression of how the city once appeared.The game is owned by my friend, cyberpiper, who lives in Luxembourg, and is very keen on the history of the city. The date 1867 was chosen due to its historical significance in the history of the city. (1867 was the date of the Second Treaty of London that led to the formation of the modern city.) The project is still in its early stages, there is a great deal that needs to be done. Even still, I hope that these images may give you a flavour of how the project is developing.


If you are keen, you can visit the game at this link. (Just remember that this project remains a work in progress.)


That isn’t roblox, right? It looks amazing, it amazes me at the work some people could do! Did you use any plugins at all? If so, could you make a few and maybe it could help me out making something look nice, but if you don’t want to, it’s fine.


@ScytheSlayin - Yes, this is Roblox. Thank you for your feedback and words of encouragement - I’ll pass your comments back to cyberpiper. Plugins were used to gain the water splashes and also the rain effects. (I used waterfall generator to get the splashes around the weir, waterfall and sluice gates. By placing the source of the waterfall at the top of the water wheel, I was able to create the splashes around the water wheel.) A plugin was used to create the ingame avatars that are hidden around the game. Apart from that, it’s just basic Roblox parts placed into uploaded mesh shells of the houses.

Rain Effects: https://www.roblox.com/library/2166774609/Rain-Plugin

Waterfall Generator: https://www.roblox.com/library/1191990117/Waterfall-Generator

Avatar Builder: https://www.roblox.com/library/752585459/Load-Character

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Ok thanks for the reply! I never knew that the waterfall plugin could be used like that! Thanks for the help! Good luck on your future projects :smiley:.

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That looks awesome. Very good job so far! I can’t even imagine what it will look like when it’s done.

If I was going to critique one thing, it would just be the water color. That bright blue looks out of place. Otherwise it’s looking really good!

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Thank you for the feedback @Intended_Pun. I will pass your kind words onto cyberpiper.

You’re right, the water does look a little fresh. The team had wanted a dull polluted atmosphere for the game and so I introduced a misty yellow fog to the lighting. Thank you for your comment, I’ll go back and look at adding a darker hue to the water too. After all, in 1867 many of the buildings, that backed onto the river, were tanneries that dumped their toxins into the river.

Thank you.

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Your “1867 Historical Reconstruction” looks very amazing as well detailed, i think you have really, done a great job on it. And you have put the time and. Effort to make this decent build i really like all the different details you added! to the houses and the map. Itself looks very good man nicely creation you have made, can’t wait to see more of this very soon!

And when you walk on the corner side of the bridge, it seems you can walk into the brick part underneath the bridge! i don’t know if that’s suppose to happen to it, are suppose to be there. Overall it still looks good, and decent looks amazing!


Thank you for your feedback Jordan. I’ll pass your words onto cyberpiper. It’s still early days and there is a great deal to do but we are all fully behind the project. At the moment, just a small fraction (one corner) of the area is populated with assets.

Thank you for your comments regarding the bridge. Whenever I log on and explore the environment, I always seem to spot issues that need attention: a gap here or a detail there. I am sure that there are many more issues to be found and corrected. I’ll take a look at the area under the bridge - I know that cyberpiper has plans to fill the river bed with a mesh base and so, the terrain is very rough under the water level. Even still, I don’t think the brick should be set to non-collide. I’ll attend to that. Thank you for your feedback.

Misspelled reconstruction in the title. :slight_smile:

Needless to say, I love your build. As a lover of realism on Roblox, it’s always nice to see a break from low-poly, lol.

Loving the weather system; the rain is very realistic. Have you considered adding sun rays?

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Thank you @Somnar for your words. I appreciate your feedback and yes, first of all, I’ll edit that title!


I too loved the weather system, built by buildthomas. It was the most realistic system that I found and I was really pleased by how easy it was to work with and to integrate into the musical introduction, played when visitors first visit the game: the thunder and lightning flashes seem to fit into the pause in the musical introduction perfectly.

You mentioned the inclusion of sun rays. When I worked upon the lighting system, right at the start of the project, I dabbled in all sorts of experimentation but, most importantly, I wanted to retain a run-down gritty feel for the city. In 1867 there was heavy pollution across the city, like many built up urban areas across Europe. When I added BloomEffect, I felt that it distracted from the yellow haze. Now that I have gained more experience in lighting, I may return to that area and see if I can improve upon what there already is. Thank you for your feedback.