1867 (Low Spec Version) Tutorial for New Players


Welcome to the low spec Roblox 1867 game tutorial. This game is an authentic replica of Luxembourg city, as it was in 1867. It was researched from old photographs, to be as realistic as possible.

When you land in 1867 Luxembourg, you will spawn outside the city church. Feel free to explore the streets of the city. If you wish, you can press the ‘shift’ key as you move, in order to sprint a little faster.

Rat Collecting

Your first objective is to find the rat collector. (He is also found in front of the church.)

When you find the rat collector, click on the ? mark above his head and a set of on-screen prompts will appear on your screen. These prompts will explain your first steps in the game.

Click on your response, to navigate through the short set of instructions. The rat collector will explain that you have to catch rats (no more than twenty) by entering the courtyard behind him and swinging your rat cage across each rat. The cage must make contact with the rat, in order to catch that rat.

Click on the ‘Catch Those Rats’ icon, in the lower toolbox, to equip the rat cage to your avatar. You will see that your avatar will now hold a rat cage and the icon named ‘Catch Those Rats’ will be highlighted. To swing your cage, just left-click anywhere upon the screen. The rats are moving randomly and so, be warned, this is a difficult task. Keep trying!

As an additional confirmation of your progress within the game, you will see your game statistics change. The game statistics are found in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Don’t forget to keep your hunger and thirst levels from falling to zero by eating and drinking. When you return to the rat collector, you will automatically be paid four centimes for each rat that you have collected. You will see your game statistics change accordingly: your rat count will reset to zero and your ‘Centimes’ balance will increase.

Food and Drink

To eat, and replenish your food level, find and click on any item of food from around the game. When you do this, your hunger level will automatically return to 100%. To replenish your thirst level, find and click on any bottle of water in the game. (You will note that your curser will change to a hand icon, to confirm your selection.)


There are many other badges around the game that can be won. (At the time of writing, there were over 100 badges!) More badges will be added to the game on an ad hoc basis. Many of these badges are awarded automatically, as you explore the city. Other badges can be won by clicking on a special item in the game. These badges are spread throughout the entire city and in the fields outside the city walls.

There are teleporters around the city, to ease your navigation. Just enter a teleporter, to make use of it. There are also additional teleporters, to allow you to visit other games in the 1867 series. (You can explore snow-filled versions of the city or visit a higher specification game, if your device is suitable.)

Of course, there are dangers around the city. Remember that most Victorians could not swim. You are not advised to enter the waters: even if you don’t drown, you will most likely die from ingesting pollution. There are many dangers (and midnight ghosts) around the city so please take care on your travels.


Goodbye Victorian explorer. We hope that you enjoyed your visit into the past. Perhaps you may like to return and visit the city again later - we’d would love to see you soon!

This game is a work in progress and there are always new things added week-by-week.

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