1867 Luxembourg - Interactive Game Tutorial

Hello Developers :slightly_smiling_face:.

For the last few months, @cyberpiper, @RiverBL0X, and I have been working on improving the 1867 Luxembourg gameplay. Making it more fun, engaging, and accessible :video_game:.

In a matter of days’ time :mantelpiece_clock:, a relatively large update will be added to the game, introducing many new features.

We’ve come up with an interactive game tutorial, to introduce new users to the changes, and instruct them how to play :slightly_smiling_face:.


Tutorial via phone:

Sneak Peep - Roblox 1867 - YouTube

Please let us know what do you think of the tutorial :slightly_smiling_face:, or if you have any feedback/suggestions ;).


Cafe Nic is a Cafe and has nothing related to alcohol. The only drinks sold there are: Water, Lemonade, and apple juice.


Well done LightningLion58, for your work on this tutorial.

I think it is really good indeed and it will certainly enhance the game and show new visitors what to do. I love the camera zoom, that runs down the street, at the start of the clip. That really shows the narrow streets off to their best. I also like the fact that you have an interactive moment in the tutorial, where the viewer is asked to click the ‘Finish’ button, before the tutorial proceeds. That forces the viewer to read the tutorial and concentrate - or else it will not proceed onto the next scene. I’m also glad that you included an interior shot of the ‘Curiosity Shop’ with the street organ music playing in the background. It really highlights the random and cluttered ethos of the game.

You have included a wide variety of shots from the game and reflected the realistic tone of the game and so I applaud you. It’s a job well done.

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Wow :ok_hand: :clap:

You brought life to that city with all those moving npcs and smooth cutscenes!

Could you change the text at the first place to “Welcome to 1867 Luxembourg, [PlayerName]!”

Other than that, I see that there are a lot of places where there are unnecessary commas. I don’t know but I’d like it without them better.

Great job anyways! I really like the way you did it, especially showing the user around the city with lots of cutscenes and nice ui effects.

Have a great time and good luck with the update! Will definitely play the game once its updated.

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Thank you for showing interest in the game :slight_smile:
I will update this post once we release it :wink:

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:. We’ll fix that.

Glad you liked the cutscenes. Sometimes they are a bit buggy due to StreamingEnabled not loading, but I like them a lot too :slight_smile:

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